Ultimate Hockey Training Academy

Speed Training:

Any athlete in any sport can get faster through improved running mechanics, increased agility and better balance. The Speed Training program at S.C.I. enhances all of these elements. We have been teaching these techniques for almost 20 years to over 30,000 athletes throughout the country. The difference from all the other imitators is S.C.I. is not a copy cat program. Where other supposed Athlete Training Facilities will have your athletes getting hurt training in the most current fad like flipping tires, our routines are based on sound science developed by almost 20 years of INJURY FREE training.

Strength Training:

Every gym will provide strength training, but only S.C.I. will utilize the "Anti - Momentum" training system. This means that only at S.C.I. will you not only get a great, intense workout, but it is the only place where we can guarantee that you won't get hurt! We will first teach proper mechanics from top to bottom and then will build structural stability throughout all the joints in the body. Then we will tailor a routine that is not generic or cookie cutter but specifically designed for you!