SCI Ultimate Highlight Videos

helping you gain that competitive edge

Think of your Highlight VIDEO as an active Resume
Get the TOOLS by gathering footage from your latest Season to create a collective showcase of your athleticism as well as accomplishments, talents, stats and GPA.  Keep your grades up.
Get the GUIDANCE by having SCI motivate and point you in the right direction taking you to the next level.  Go from High School Sports to College Sports.  Get help with deciding who, how and where to display your personal information.  Get help with coach contact information and templates to get your information out there. 
Personal Information needs to be displayed in a safe secure location allowing access only to college coaches or those people who you invite to view your profile. Choose from one of our partners.           
Get RECRUITED by making it happen.  Not all college coaches come knocking on your door.  Take your TOOLS and make a plan A and if you end up in plan B, that may be where you are suppose to be.  It is better to be #1 in Plan B, then a bench warmer in Plan A.
SCI Ulimate Highlight Videos.... replaying..... athlete's DREAMS !!!!