QB Training

Christopher Brown
Run by Christopher Brown: 
  • Quarterback Coach
  • 3 year starting QB at Colgate and played in the 1-AA national championship game in 2003
QB program:
Objective 1: Improve Footwork
Objective 2: Improve Throwing Form
Objective 3: Improve Decision Making
Objective 4: Increase understanding of plays
Objective 5: Being a leader


Core Strength
-Ab workouts, leg workouts
Foot speed
-Bag drills, cone drills, ladder workouts
3, 5, 7 step drops
-Focus on depth and speed in drop backs, why we take the drops?, being ready to throw/run at all times
Ready to throw at all times in the pocket
-Being able to throw on the run, throwing in the pocket, throwing to right and left
Sliding for movement in the pocket
-Focus on sliding feet, not running in the pocket. sliding to left and right to avoid rushers and move up and back in the pocket while keeping eyes down field
Flipping the hips to throw
-Focus on changing a read, from left to right and visa versa. Throwing in the pocket either right, left or down the middle

Throwing Form:
Hand placement for snaps
-Practice snaps and correct hand placement to reduce fumbled snaps
Seating the ball
Repetition of snaps and first 2 steps, Directly following the snap the ball should be seated in the stomach,
Correct throwing form
-Work on football placement while standing tall in the pocket, shoulder facing target, weight on back leg
Quick release
Develop quick release wih repitition
Follow through
Correct and develop a solid follow through
Decision Making:
Where to throw, When to throw
Drills will help decrease decision making time and increase smart throwing decisions
When to run
Breaking the pocket and running the ball will add an element to QB play, footwork and speed training
Quick play calls
The more a QB understands a defense the quicker the play and correct read can be made. Learn to audible and what play to audible to

Understanding the Plays:
Knowing which plays to run
-Whiteboarding sessions will lead to knowing when the correct play is called
Gaining an advantage on the defense
-The defense gives clues, QB’s that use the clues to their advantage win
Man vs Zone
Knowing man vs Zone is critical in reading Defenses. How to throw to a receiver in man vs zone is just as critical to play making.

Leadership Skills:
The main intangibles to QB play are leadership and composure. The QB training will increase the Leadership skills of the QB’s. The training will help the QBs
Play with confidence
Learn keys to preparation
Trust teammates