OCR and Mud Run Training

We are the 

ONLY Official Spartan Race 

training facility in all North Jersey!

Our Ultimate Spartan Race Boot Camp is designed specifically to get you ready for your Spartan Race. The class consists of strength and endurance exercises through a series of interval, core and conditioning routines to get you in the best shape and reach your full potential.

Ultimate Boot Camp Facts

The Sport Conditioning Institute is the officially licensed trainers for theUltimate Spartan Race Boot Camp. What makes us unique is that in addition to our indoor facility we have a varied and challenging outdoor course consisting of hills and obstacles that come as close to the Spartan Race as you will get.

Ultimate Boot Camp Features

Bootcamps will be held at our multi-sport, state-of-the-art facility, on our brand new indoor turf field and fitness course and outdoor on nearby hills, fields and trails. A combination of indoor/outdoor workouts with a military style and adventure athlete feel will provide participants with improved real-world strength and abilities. Classes consist of training in every area of fitness, athleticism and physical & mental toughness. These are integrated into fresh, multi-faceted workouts, guaranteed to challenge anyone from beginners to advanced athletes.