Ultimate Track Information

Short Track Championship  12/16/11

Jumps Spectacular meet 1/6/12

Ultimate Sports Meet of Champions  3/3/12 (USATF sanctioned meet. See below.)

First two meets start at 4:30 P.M. Ultimate Sports Meet of Champions starts at 10:00 A.M.


1. We cannot enter the building until 3:00 P.M.  The first event will start at 4:30P.M.

2. The hurdles and dash will be run on the track. (only offered in the 1st meet, Short Track Championships)

3. The High Jump and Shot Put will be run simultaneously on the turf. Wear spikes for high jump.(only offered in the 1st meet, Short Track Championships)

4. A NOVICE athlete is one who has not won a VARSITY individual medal or a gold medal in a novice individual competition in Indoor or Outdoor Track. (You can be a novice in field events and be varsity in track and vice versa)

5. You can enter as many individuals as you wish, but there will be a cap of total athletes per event.

6. Awards: Medals are 5 deep in every event except Frosh will be 3 deep.

7. Ultimate Track's Track is a mondo surface (straight away only, not a full oval) spikes are encouraged. Pyramid spikes only please!! We have a fast track and great facility and are looking to get athletes their personal bests.

8. Please advise your athletes that there may be other sports going on throughout the facility and to be careful and aware.

9. Please make sure that you clean up your area before you leave. There Is no food or drink of any kind allowed anywhere on the turf or track or anywhere in the field house. (Only water) There is a snack bar area, where you can eat and purchase drinks and snacks.

10. You must provide a copy of your school's liability insurance in your registration.

11. Entries are open to any school in New Jersey Only!

12. Please supply your own safety pins for the cards.


Questions? Call Brad Vaccaro at (201) 694 5608 anytime. Or email bvaccarospeed@msn.com

Entries Due: 3 days prior to the meet or when we reach capacity.



*Our goal is to make these very coach and athlete friendly events. Coaches will be allowed to be up close with their kids in coach�s boxes.

Good Luck and please feel free to contact me with input, advice or any info that you think can make our events better!


Good Luck!

*All Running events (55hurdles and 55 dash) will have 8 athletes back to the finals. Top 4 will be in the seeded final and make up the top 4 places. The next 4 qualifiers, or unseeded finals, will run to get 5th and 6th place. Runners from this heat cannot break into the top 4 no matter what time they run.


Field events:

(The Shot and HJ are only offered in the 1st meet, Short Track Championships)

Shot put : Girls will start at 4:30. We will take back top 7 Varsity Girls for finals.

Boys will immediately follow girls. We will take back top 7 varsity boys for finals.

High Jump: Event will start at 4:30. The bar will start at girls Freshman opening height and all other jumpers will be able to get into the competition once the bar has hit his or her division's opening height. There will be 5 minutes given to each division once the bar gets to that division's opening height for getting 1 run through for any athlete that wants it. All getting steps and other run throughs are to be done before the start of the event.

Opening heights: Girls Frosh - 3'8", Girls novice - 4', Girls Varsity - 4'6" Boys Frosh - 4'6", Boys Novice- 5', Boys Varsity -  5'4"     (6 jump rule may be enforced)  *opening heights are subject to change.

Long jump: Boys and girls will be an open pit immediately following the Hurdles. Varsity Novice and Freshman combined. Varsity boys and girls will bring top 7 athletes back for the finals.

Pole Vault: Event will start immediately following the hurdles.    Varsity only!    Opening heights:  Boys -  10'    Girls - 8'

Triple Jump: Boys and girls will be an open pit immediately following the Long Jump. Varsity Novice and Freshman combined. Varsity boys and girls will bring top 7 athletes back for the finals.

Ultimate Track Meet of Champions

Our final meet, the Meet of Champs, will provide top level athletes with a last chance opportunity to get in qualifying marks for the Penn Relays -  Any athlete can compete with or without their coach and even if your school doesn't have a winter track program, as long as they are a USATF member.