Combine Prep info and pricing

In our 1 on 1 training, you will get individual attention from coach Vaccaro, Who designed this extraordinary program and coach Wilkins, who is our resident football expert.

You will see unbelievable improvements whether you are D-1 athlete prepping for the NFL scout combine looking to make an NFL team, or an 8th grader who is going to his first event and is looking to just have fun.


1 session - $75

10 sessions - $700

20 sessions - $1200



In small groups, you will get all the same world class training without the same personal attention, but at a much more affordable rate! For the sake of keeping the groups functional, we ask that if you are looking to join a group session, that you bring a friend or teammate or whole team.


1 session - $50

10 sessions - $400

20 sessions - $700 


All sessions will include:

1. How to ultilize our "patented" techniques to improve your stats in - 40 yard dash, Vertical Jump, Broad Jump, Bench Press and Shuttle Run. (Also Med ball toss if applicable)

2. How to increase your explosive power.

3. Small details about the events and little bits of advice that will give you some insight as to how you should approach each test. Not to mention, insight into what the coaches / evaluators will be looking for in their "MVP's"

4. Skills that will be evaluated at the events, like route running for WR's and pass blocking for offensive linemen.


You will not find a more comprehensive program, or knowledgeable staff. All programs are designed by coach Vaccaro, who has personally evaluated over 20,000 combine athletes nation wide over the last 6 years as the event leader of over 50 national combines.

See an article on one of coach Vaccaro's evaluations: Click Here

See a video of coach Vaccaro evaluating one of the best recievers in the country: Click Here


Combine Prep Weekends

These 3 day all inclusive / intensive weekends are only for the serious football player looking to get an edge at any combine.


Come From anywhere and spend a weekend at one of our local hotels. We will take care of the rest!


These events will start on a Friday and finish on a Sunday

Event Schedule:


Friday 6pm - 9pm

~ 6 - 7pm = Introduction (height, weight, reach and body fat analysis)

~ 7 - 8pm = Nutritional eval

~ 8 - 9pm = Warm up and 40 yard dash technique


Saturday 10am - 2pm and 3 - 5pm

~ 10 - 11am = Reiterate 40 yard dash technique

~ 11 - 12pm = Shuttle run technique

~ 12 - 2pm = Postion training

~ 3 - 4pm = Vertical jump technique

~ 4 - 5pm = Broad jump technique


Sunday 10 am - 2pm and 3 - 5pm

~ 10 - 11am = Reiterate Shuttle technique

~ 11 - 12pm = Overview of combine experience

~ 12 - 2pm = Postion training

~ 3 - 5pm = Speed and strength techniques


This is the most comprehensive program of it's type that you will find anywhere in the nation.



Testimonial of Andrew Meredith who took a 5 hour flight all the way into New Jersey to attend our exclusive "Combine Prep Weekend" on 2 separate occasions:

Mr. Brad Vaccaro,

I want to first thank Brad Vaccaro for the opportunity to come and work with Sports Conditioning Institute. When I first talked to you on the phone I got the feeling of trust. When I got off the phone I told my son Andrew that he needed to go to New Jersey and train with you. Of course being from Wyoming we had no idea what we were in for, but I knew that Andrew needed to do something to get faster. People in Wyoming thought and maybe still do that I was crazy for taking my son Andrew and going out to New Jersey and training for a combine. After getting there, and training only one day Andrew and I realized that training with Brad was going to be the best money we had spent. That is why we came back for a full week of training before the first combine. Andrew learned so many things that it was hard to keep it all in his head, so I was keeping notes and video taping for him while he trained. All of the things you do in a combine, the 40, broad, vertical, bench and shuttle were timed and measured before we started and then Brad started training with Andrew and he broke everything down to the smallest of details. Everything went up, his 40 was a 5.2, and it went to a 4.56, his broad mid was 8's to a 9'6', vertical was 25 it went to a 31' 1/2', bench he got 150 lbs up 15 or 16 times it went to 22, and of course the shuttle it was in the high 4's and at the West Coast 1 he had the best time FOR THE WEEKEND with a 4.18. Plain and simple if you are going to a combine and you are serious about it you need training. S.C.I. has the right people to get it done. Andrew will be going to Nike combines in 2008, but before he doe's he wants to go back for more training at S.C.I.. So he will be going to New Jersey to get the best training instruction he can get. So that when he gets to the Nike combine he will be 100% ready. And believe me he will be 100% ready.

Allen and Andrew Meredith (aka Hollywood)
Of Green River Wyoming