Angels With Autism

Hello Family & Friends! 
Thank you all for your donations.  So far we have raised $ 500.00!!!   As I mentioned, there is still no scientific explanation for what causes Autism.  We’ve developed this page as a way to not only raise money for the cause but also a way to have FUN while doing it.  As a large family, I have found a new way for all of us to bond!  It’s called the National Prep Race.  Be sure to look it up as I will be sending out an annual day/time that they hold what’s called a Mud Run.  This is a 2 mi obstacle course where you are sure to get dirty in mud, as there is one for the kids too.  We attended the one held in July.  Amazingly, so did another family member who won the entire race. 
My goal for now is to get this donation page out there.  I believe this to be a proactive step for a disorder that is growing so rapidly.  Not to mention being able to watch us all sliding around covered in mud together!!!
Anyone reading this page is welcome to all that I post and of course to donate towards our Angels With Autism.
~Thanks Again & God Bless You~
Sincerely, Wendy Skonier

~All donations for this year will be sent to the Autism Society of America~